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A Direct Mail Marketing Campaign Timeline Dissected

A Direct Mail Marketing Campaign Timeline Dissected

Choosing the timeframe for your direct mail marketing campaign is half the battle. The timeframe should be discussed in the beginning stages of a promotion, and considerations should include the scope of the campaign, number of mailings, budget, and what kind of print production will be involved. 

The amount of time each stage of the process takes will differ by company and change over time. On average, the beginning stage may take a couple of days, and the preparation and printing process may take a week or two. After the date of inception, market research involves choosing the target market and budgeting. The mailing list should be vetted and, if previously used, exclude any names that don’t wish to be contacted. If you use a company for lists, give the company a heads up in the beginning of your campaign setup so they will have time to gather the appropriate list before your mailing date. 

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